This is The Way

A primer on everybody’s favourite Mando


The Beskar Badass starts off pretty standard for a mando: Impervious, red def dice, surge on both off and def. Add to that his Bounty, Arsenal 2, Independent (Aim AND Dodge) with Tactical….and he’s got a fun set of tools. Independent for Both Aim and Dodge means you want to be very careful with when you play his command cards, or potentially use Comms Relay to shift that order somewhere else.  Tactical, can help give a great option to turn on Lethal/Longshot as well on the turns you are getting into range. Arsenal means you want to have 2 melee options, so taking the rifle/spear and/or flamer will get you a lot of flexibility.

Weapons Are My Religion

Load him up as numerously as possible. 

Vibro knife (printed)

Because pierce is always nice, especially when paired with Tactical. Use with the pierce when you are trying to defeat units, especially single unit leaders at the end of the game. 

Pistol (printed)

Lethal, Long shot AND Versatile….is there really a better pistol in the game? 

Independent and Tactical likely means you can trigger both abilities on any turn you desire. Plus, the Versatile can net you another dodge when paired with Up Close and Personal.  Win-Win. Great for cleaning up single man squads, especially cause you can do it while safe in melee. 

Amban Rifle (10 points) 

Sweet bloody minded insanity, ’tis a nasty little bugger! 

Put that ability to use turns 1-2 putting early damage on bounty targets. and then use his jetpack to get into melee (probably on the relentless turn). Its going to miss every so often, but can put people on notice quick. Then get in for that Immobilizing Suppressive beatdown when trying to lock units down for objectives or force users. 

Beskar Spear (15 points)

Great against force users, grants immune pierce and pierce if you have enough tokens. Honestly, have not run this much, cause I usually run Vader-Din. But its really nice if you don’t have a force user of your own. 

Flame Projector (8 points) 

Single use but damn effective. Imagine roasting a squad of B1s on a pool of 8 red and 2 black for that lethal combo. Weaken a squad quick, finish it off and jump on to the next.

List of Likely Upgrades: 

Just a few options here, though you might have your own ideas.

Jetpack (15 points) 

If you aren’t taking this solider, I question your desire to win! An absolute must, unless you want the slowest Mando on the field. This should realistically be stapled too him, taking 1 of the 2 gear slots immediately out of commission. 

Situational Awareness – with free dodges, why not block the single crit they throw your way? 

Up Close and Personal – yes please. Once you get into range or even in melee, this helps multiply the effects of your versatile pistol and keep Mando alive a bit longer to collect those bounties. 

Tenacity – Given you will likely end up in melee, having an extra red might be just your ticket to clearing already wounded units. 

Prepared Supplies/Emergency Transponders – why not have more free tokens? 

My Ideal loadout: 

Din Djarin (Situational Awareness, Up Close and Personal, Din’s Flame Projector, The Mando’s Jetpack, Din’s Amban Rifle)


Flame projector – useful for full squads, but diminishing returns the longer you wait.

Tenacity – more dice in melee if you want to swap out the Situational Awareness

Command cards: 

This is the Way

Definitely helps when played the turn where you push Din into Melee. With tactical and relentless, you can get into melee with a dodge and 2 aims. Probably want to play this to last-first Mando, depending on where he needs to be. 

I like those Odds

Absolutely worth holding til late game. Once you are engaged in the middle of their army or trying to clean up multiple units late game, this can be super effective. Especially to take single man squads off objectives. 

Whistling birds 

Really high ceiling…and about as low as the basement. While it looks like a triple Vader’s Might, you are missing the move part of Might. This is the command card potentially not worth taking. That depends on what other command cards you have available, cause that 3 slot has a glut of good options across all the factions. 


Seems to me you really have two options, and more a sliding scale than anything else between a heavy Melee focus and a sniper who can dumbo drop on your enemies trying to collect objectives late game. 

Probably want to get Mando into the enemy ranks last-firsting between rounds 3-4 potentially. Likely means you are rolling with the Amban rifle to sneak in some early damage in on the bounty target, or poke on the enemy sniper teams. (A stupid good combo like Maximum firepower and an Amban shot could put your enemies on notice early. But I don’t recommend it for how gimmicky it is to pull off.)

On a Melee push, Up Close and Personal is amazing, giving you dodges from the versatile shots you can take while in melee. Both the Amban Rifle and Beskar spear are great in combat. Trade off here is really between the immobilize and better dice vs pierce/immune pierce with the spear. Spear is better against force users, rifle is more flexible; that’s up to you. 

Rifling around on your opponent’s Line: 

Theoretically you could just punch 6 unblocked shots in with the Amban Rifle the whole game, but that doesnt seem like enough for all those points. Dumbo Drop him onto a point or objective late game, and Mando can turn games with his versatility. 


Hold out for a turn or two, and then push Mando up with the rest of your forces. Keep him alive and he will do a ton of work in the late game.
Rinse, repeat and have a blast!

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