The Mandalorian Invitational

Ladies and Gentlemen, The Mandalorian Invitational is back!

In our 3rd year, we are keeping things simple and effective. Each qualifier round will host 16 players for 3 games of Legion using the Swiss format, top 4 will qualify into the finals! Every game, we will draw BLINDLY for mission, condition and deployment using the SKIRMISH deck, everyone plays the same scenarios!

What’s making this tournament special and different? The Mando uses a modified skirmish list building format, where you get 650 points following the normal restrictions, except you’re given an extra commander or operative slot (capped at 3 units total between the two slots).

How does a qualifier work? Simple. 16 players each round will pay $15 to compete in 3 rounds of legion to earn top 4 prizes as well as receive promotional items for participating. The four finalists will move onto the finals once all 3 qualifier weeks end! Players who FAIL to place can pay to attempt again later to make top 4!

What’s the finals? This is an invite only for the top 12 of the previous rounds that costs nothing to play, this will also be a 3 round event but only the winner of it all becomes the Mandalorian and receives the helmet and honor!

When is the tournament? Qualifiers are June 10th, July 8th and July 29th, the finals being August 19th at 10am-7pm!

Sign up using the links below!

Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

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