Worlds Qualifier Store Championship Legion Tournament

Games 4 Life in Lake Orion will be hosting their Store Championship on Saturday May 20th at 9:30AM!

The event will need 16 players minimum for the World’s invite to be on the line.

Use the link here to register or visit their Facebook page for more info!

1. All armies MUST be fully painted to a 3-color minimum. This is a major event so please be prepared, it doesn’t have to be pretty, but it does need color!

2. Proxies are ALLOWED within reason but must be an obvious representation of the intended unit and you will need either the original cards (or promos) or the data card from an appropriate army builder resource (Tabletop Admiral as an example).

3. You will be REQUIRED to bring THREE copies of your 800-point list, one for yourself, one for your opponent and one to be validated by a judge using one of the several list builders available.

4. You will be REQUIRED to provide your own gaming aids such as tools, dice, silhouettes etc., we will have a few spares in the event you would need more than normal.

5. If both players cannot come to an agreement on a rules dispute or other issue, request a judge immediately and not other players so it does not hinder their games. ALL judge calls are final.

6. Repeated instances of malicious, rude, and other unsportsmanlike behavior will result in an immediate disqualification, and you will forfeit your game and be asked to leave. You will be given a single warning before being asked. Stress is fine, but being rude to your fellow opponent is not.

7. Players upon arrival will be asked to pay the entry fee of $20 and receive a TOP 32 promotional card immediately for participation, all further prizes will be based on placement.

8. Rounds will be Swiss format at 2.5 hours each for 3 rounds, no cuts to top.

9. Event starts SHARP at 10am, meaning ALL PLAYERS must be in the store by 9:30 am to check in and be ready to play!

10. MOST IMPORTANTLY have fun! Yes this is a BIG event, BUT have fun and roll dice!

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