50Worst High Command


I have been playing Legion since day 1. Currently I only own Rebels, Imperials and Mercenary units but I do play frequently on Tabletop Simulator and experiment with CIS and Republic there. I am a casual/competitive player and am notorious for never playing the same list twice at different events. Some of my cohorts specialize or focus on playing certain units but I take an “I bought the whole army I’m going to use the whole army” approach.

List building is one of my passions with this game. I always end up with way more lists saved in my list builder than I can ever hope to play. I like trying out of the box things and finding fun and wacky combos. The phrase “Those who can’t play, coach” can definitely apply to me as my decision making is much stronger when I am watching a game than when I am playing.

Right now I don’t really have a favorite faction as I enjoy playing all of them but currently my favorite unit is the Black Sun Enforcers supported by a Black Sun Vigo to pile them up with aim tokens through the Aid keyword. Operative Luke Skywalker is a close second, I love using the dirty standby, disengage, charge combo with him. I will play anything at least once though so if you have a jank list you want someone to test I’m your guy!